We focus on SMEs that make industrial products, often with a quality that makes them world leaders in their areas. We strongly believe these companies can make a difference in Asia and our goal is to support them to success.



We support expansion plans with market research, identifying the best countries to position our customers' products. Help them create a business plan that includes traditional and digital demand generation and follow up with full sales representation to support the opportunities generated.
Our network and partnerships cover most countries in mainland Asia reaching Asean, India and China.



We represent best in class firms in the areas of Architecture, Urban Design and Civil Engineering.
From concept and preliminary design to design development and construction management our companies have completed projects around the world.


No region in the world is going through an urbanisation process as fast as Asia: every year millions of people migrate to urban areas and the opportunities for design and engineering firms are virtually endless.

We carefully screen tenders and provide details, insight, partnerships with local companies and act as a procurer for all legal and financial aspects.


We represent the best-in-class Italian companies in this industry.  These companies possess strong Research & Development experience which would be useful in customising products for Asia.  Their Engineering expertise churn out high-quality and reliable products for Asian customers.


Each commercial or residential building have different needs or requirements.  Our technology is to increase estate management productivity via real-time management of access systems via Phone / PC Anytime Anywhere for Pedestrians and Vehicles.

The window actuators enable the automatic closing and opening of windows to keep rain or drive smoke out with automatic sensors.


Fine Food & Wine plays an important part in the Italy's identity and culture.  We partnered with selective Vineyards from Boutique to Commercial to bring you the best wines.  Italian Food is well-known around the world and we curate the finest that Italians would love and enjoy.


We engage with food & wine producers in Italy which have a long tradition and are committed and passionate about the products they make.

The products are carefully selected to bring the true Italian lifestyle to Asia for our discerning customers.